Sigh.  I think I stressed to its breaking point by creating a
Wiki page.  It's down.

- C

On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 14:13, Chris McDonough wrote:
> I've set up a development BackTalk sandbox for the 2.7 edition of the
> Zope book at 
> Currently it's just an exact copy of the 2.6 Edition book (comments and
> all).  I think the plan should be for people to:
> 1. take ownership of a chapter or two
> 2. address all the comments in the chapter and get rid of comments
>    in places you've addressed.
> 3. update any material that is wrong wrt to differences between
>    2.6 and 2.7.
> The "prize" for taking ownership and updating two complete chapters is
> your name as a coauthor on the front page (as before ;-).
> Another thing to do is to incorporate some of John Whitener's changes
> "the lost chapter" referenced all over the place within book comments. 
> I wonder if he's still around.
> At some point in the future, we can "backport" some of the changes to
> the 2.6 book if someone wants to take on that responsibility.
> It's advisable to use external editor to make the changes or to maybe
> use FTP to get "sandboxed" local copies of the book and make changes
> reuploading them as necessary.  I've lost track of whether FTP access is
> possible or not on at this point, however.  Does anyone know? 
> I've tried a few ports but nothing.
> Also, is so slow for each request when you're logged in that we
> may need to move development to another system.  As a data point, I've
> been waiting > 4 minutes for to save a Wiki page... still
> waiting.  Hilarious.  Admittedly, it takes a unique brand of apathy to
> ignore this, but I've got an excuse.  I'm waiting for the
> steering committee to solve it!  Chuckle.  In the meantime, "what
> slowness.. I don't know what you're talking about.."
> I have given Manager role in the entirety of the 2.7 edition book to
> both Peter and Paul.  Anyone else who wants to contribute, please let me
> know which chapter(s) you'd like to sign up to revise and I will provide
> you access as necessary. I've set up a project wiki for the project at
> where people can get a sense
> of which chapters are still available.  It may not be available yet...
> still waiting for it to save.
> I will take ownership of the Installation chapter for now (I will
> probably take ownership of some other chapters, but I'll start small...)
> - C
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