> I've come to the unfortunate conclusion that Zope.org is just not going
> to cut it to do Zope Book development work due to its speed (or lack
> thereof).
> I'd like to help fix the Zope.org slowness problem, but I'm a little
> unclear about what's required for me to get the level of access required
> to do so.  I read the stuff at Zope.org/About and Zope.com/Legal but
> it's a little hard to divine out of the combination what I need to do
> before I can be allowed to help.  So of the Zope.org Application Server
> Working Group/Zope Application Working Group/Whoever wants help trying
> to fix it, you know where to find me!  Just don't make me attend a 7am
> committee meeting or sign a noncompete instrument <wink>.

BTW, once Shane is safely settled out west we plan to engage him 
to fix a number of the ills of zope.org, so I expect we'll see a 
marked improvement in the near future.

As to zope.org/About, it is confusing right now because the actual 
docs aren't yet posted. Michael is working as we speak to get the 
click-wrap alluded to in /About up and running and a place to 
organize these docs, have a "place" for working groups, expand the FAQ, 

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