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Concerning the release schedule, ZC has little to do with that for Zope 3. In fact, I have been release manager since this summer and I am responsible for the release schedule and packages. However, I decided not to release often, since again we do not have bandwidth to support the milestones. Since the CVS is as stable as any milestone release (we have tests for everything), releases are less important and it is much easier and less time consuming to support the current HEAD, which you can just download via the Web.

My only problem is that it is difficult to be an "occasional" developer in Z3 on Windows.

I normally don't develop in c. So I don't have Visual Studion installed.

I have downloaded the milestones and tried them out. But then I read about this and that *geddon, and think "well guess I should wait for another version" before I try it again.

I quickly feel out of sync in Z3.

If there was some way to have a Binary core that didn't change very often, and a Python only part that I could upload from cvs/subversion to be up to date, it would be much easier to use a few hours here and there to try out stuff in Z3.

Or perhaps an automated nightly Windows build.

I believe that Chris Withers is testing Z3 nightly on Windows. Right?

Would it be difficult to have that available as a download somewhere? It seems that zipping and uploading the test directory is enough.

Being able to grab the builds seems more important than the releases.

However, we are getting the first alpha out by the end of the month. Hopefully, by end of May we will have finished the X3.0 to-do list and will release the beta. At this point the API will freeze and application developers are encouraged to have look at it.


regards Max M

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