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Hi there,

Since Zope 2.8 has now been released, we can start talking about what
would be in Zope 2.9. I have some ideas:

* newer version of Five included (whatever version is current then)

* Zope 3.1 included

* Python 2.4 support

I think these could all be accomplished without getting too ambitious.
Especially the Five work and Zope 3.1 work will mostly happen anyway, so
integration should be relatively easy. I don't know much about how
involved Python 2.4 support would be; perhaps people who know more can
speak up.

Then there's something I know little about, but is also believed planned
for Zope 2.9:

* blob storage, file iterators

I believe the work on this is fairly far along already.

I'd be happy if this was *all* that changed in Zope 2.9. This way we can
release Zope 2.9 in the forseeable future, like, late this year. If Zope
3 is on track there will already be a Zope 3.2 release imminent by then,
but I'm okay with Zope 2.x running a version behind in the name of
getting things out of the door to the developers.

I think (or better hope) that the next 2.9 release won't be as painful as the 2.8 release since the planned feature and there are much more people that know about Five and Zope 3 than about ZODB/MVCC/ZClasses which caused the bottleneck in the 2.8 development. Depending on how Zope 3.2 will be released it would be cool to have 2.9 shipped with Zope 3.2. I don#t know about the 3.2 release schedule. Possibly we could focus on a 2.9 release in fall (October)... we might also look what ZC has in their bags (based on
Rob's ZF announcement).


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