Chris McDonough wrote:
An example of cruft removal that is worthwhile: the help system code has stupid side effects (it writes to an invisible catalog in the ZODB *at startup!*), and people have an alternate way of viewing the help via the filesystem. Apparently nobody actually looks at the help system anyway, because if they did, they'd be complaining that it has content that's something like three major revisions behind. So that's a huge pile of cruft that could be ripped out, which would be a pure win.

I dunno, I still find it handy for documentation for sequence.sort and DateTime, which I can never remember...

OTOH, I'd like nothing more than to get a do-over on sessions, but I won't get it. They have a nasty API. I'd rip that API out in a heartbeat if I didn't know it would screw lots of people. So I leave it because it's the right thing to do, clean or not.

Yeah, with you on this one...



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