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--On 10. April 2008 19:10:49 +0200 Brian Sutherland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Just adding my few requirements:
    - Integration into the component architecture in such a way that I
      can specify the db connection parameters in ZCML and that database
      reflection still works. I want to be able to get a handle on
SQLAlchemy       things by calling getUtility.
Please *NO* database specific configurations within ZCML. We're running applications in up three or four different environments and I don't want to maintain instance specific configurations within ZCML. Either we pass such informations through environment variables or the database connections parameters are read from a configuration within the instance configuration.

As long as it can also be specified in the code, that way people can build UIs to set up the connection. Perhaps that's what you mean by a "configuration within the instance configuration".

The way I use collective.lead in my book is to have it look up the database settings in a local utility. That utility is editable via a control panel page in Plone. I suspect that it'd be quite easy to do something similar where the settings were deferred to a global utility configured with ZCML or looked up in a config file of some sort.

Once the config is available, it's all about calling getUtility() to get hold of a database connection/session.


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