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You Can Save Buildout!

So, who is up to make a nice clean looking website and a few tutorials for buildout? It needs a website. Buildout has been around for a few years without a proper website already, Paver for 5 minutes and it's got one. I'm not going to do it, but someone should.

IMHO, we could feasibly fit this into if someone wants to own the content and the Zope Foundation doesn't mind. If people prefer it to be separate, that'd be fine of course.

I think it'd take:

 - a quick overview
 - an install guide
 - a couple of deeper examples
 - a few pages of documentation

Just to be sure, I certainly *won't* be doing this. Jim won't either, and I don't expect it from him. Let him write great code, not make websites. So don't sit back and hope someone else will do it, as they won't.

This is all too true and goes for the revitilisation efforts too. I've promised to help shepherd and provide infrastructure, but we need people to write content now. :)

If nobody else can bother to step up, Paver probably deserves to win. If you're intereested, I think we already have a nice buildout for deploying that can probably be adapted. The repoze people have a nice site too, so you could go ask there.

The Paver site seems based on the doc generation thing that the new docs on use.

Alternatively we start to figure out how to convert our buildouts to Paver. :)

I'd argue that the build system isn't quite as important as all that. We should ensure our packages work properly any setuptools-capable environment. Building and deployment will always be project-specific to a certain extent.

However, I think we (including Plone) have a lot vested in zc.buildout and I think it is worth presenting it in the proper way.


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