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On 01/10/2013 06:10 PM, Matthew Wilkes wrote:

> Tres Seaver wrote:
>> What is needed is not scripts, but eyeballs:  we need people who
>> know the various packages and*care*  about getting them migrated to
>> github to step up.  Softwward which doesn't have a champion willing
>> to do the work should stay behind on SVN.
> The community as a whole cares about having them all migrated to
> github. I'm sure this will happen the next time there's a sprint, just
> like lots of them got migrated (and subsequently deleted) at the zope4
> sprint in San Francisco a few years back.

The communite as-a-whole demonstrably does *not* care about many of the
projects on svn.zope.org.  E.g.:


> We need man-hours, sure, but not champions. Being blocked on working
> on the code because you're the first one to care about a package and 
> subsequently have to learn how to do the migration is a crazy way of 
> doing things.

The foundation agreed to support moving projects to github, but that
isn't a blank check.  For instance, if there is substantial interest in
having the projects pulled in by the current Plone buildout moved, make a
list of them, and recruit the folks to step up and help with the
migration for them.  The effort requires includes doing the conversion,
checking the results *by hand*, landing the repository, and fixing
anything that breaks once you do (including stuff that breaks in projects
you otherwise don't care about).

Any project that can't find somebody willing to do that work (that is
what I meant by a "champion") is better off staying on SVN:  we don't do
ourselves favors by carrying all the unmaintained baggage of fifteen
years worth of development forward, just for "purity" / completeness /

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