Martijn Faassen wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote:
I'm having second thoughts about the Twisted integration for a number of reasons:

* Twisted people actively dislike eggs. They won't eggify Twisted any time soon.

Yes, but I think they do use distutils source releases, so I think that
shouldn't be a problem.  Do their source releases not work with eggs?

Last time I checked it didn't. I checked again. First I tried this to pull in a Twisted egg:

parts = devpython

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
interpreter = devpython
eggs = Twisted

That failed with it complaining it didn't have the ZopeInterface installed.

What it? When did it complain?

Unfortunately zope.interface doesn't install with buildout yet, so this won't work:

It doesn't? That's annoying. That's easy to fix and shouldn't
affect a long-term decision IMO.

parts = devpython

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
interpreter = devpython
eggs = zope.interface Twisted

even if zope.interface were downloaded and installed I'm not sure whether Twisted's check would pass or succeed. Would zope.interface be placed on the path during the buildout process so that Twisted would see it?

Hm, so it was checked by setup. Dang.  Well, we could hack around this
in various ways, but it wouldn't be fun.

In general, it makes me uncomfortable to be relying on there being an egg when the project appears to have an active antipathy to easy_install and eggs.

It would be enough to rely on their being s source release that we could
use without too much pain. Of course that remains to be seen. :)
At this stage, I certainly wouldn't use the lack of egg support as a reason
to disqualify Twisted.

* Twisted async approach doesn't really match Zope's threaded approach.

That isn't necessarily a problem. ZServer is based on an async approach too. The impression I have, however, maybe incorrect, is that the Twisted community isn't very interested in supporting applications not written according to the Twisted Way.

I have the same impression. I can't blame them for that really; Zope is no different, though of course we're not in the server business. :)


I think that this makes their interest in WSGI, which allows someone to use Twisted without using the twisted APIs, marginal at best.

The discussion in the blog entry on that libevent based server gave me a bit of hope for Twisted's WSGI support, but I don't know whether any action has been taken.



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