Stephan Richter wrote:
On Tuesday 19 December 2006 11:22, Christian Theune wrote:
Another question: How does the WSGI integration relate to HTTP-based
servers (like WebDAV and XMLRPC) and how does it relate to
non-HTTP-based servers?

All HTTP-based servers are covered, since our application code makes the decision which sub-protocol has been used.


The answer for non-HTTP servers is not that simple. One of the reasons we chose twisted was for the FTP support, which was rewritten so that we could use Twisted in Zope 3.

I think that any decision to support FTP should be separated from the
decision about what HTTP server to use.

I made a mistake several years ago when I decided to (have Amos)
implement FTP over ZPublisher. The Zope publisher is a CGI-inspired
HTTP-based and thus stateless API. It is a poor fit for FTP and I

I don't know what the current Zope 3 FTP integration is like.  If I were
do do this today, I would design a Python-based FTP server with hooks
that one could deploy on top of a ZODB app.  Then if I wanted an FTP server
as well as an HTTP server, I would simply use separate processes.


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