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I think only Michael Kerrin actively supports Twisted. I'm not sure
what the status of that is.  The last time I made time to pay attention to
this, at the time we released Zope 3.2, the Twisted WSGI integration
had a lot of problems.  I tried to address the most urgent ones, but
ended up with a server that was much slower than ZServer, which was
much slower than the Zope 2 server.  I was also alarmed that we were
maintaining our own Twisted WSGI integration.  I don't know if the Twisted
community has gotten behind WSGI.  If not, I'm not sure we gained anything
from using Twisted.

I'm having second thoughts about the Twisted integration for a number of reasons:

* Twisted people actively dislike eggs. They won't eggify Twisted any time soon.


* Twisted async approach doesn't really match Zope's threaded approach.

I'm not sure how the twisted integration works at all. But combining both worlds in a way seems good. Twisted's callLater would be very handy for instance. The zc.async package allows some support for asynchronous calls. All that would be gone w/o using twisted.

and your reason:

* Who is maintaining Twisted's WSGI integration? If that's us, then that sucks.

That's true. Especially because the Zope people think differntly than Twisted people ;)

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