Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hey,
> Jim Fulton wrote:
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>> I'm not certain that we're actively supporting either server.
> But *in practice* we're supporting the Twisted integration, as that's 
> the only one that people use now, right? We may not be actually capable 
> or willing to offer such support, but since everybody uses it, we do 
> support it in practice. Now on to what we would *like* to do...

And as a side-effect for me: should I close the bug mentioned earlier
and is it enough to refer the user to use twisted instead of zserver?

From the current status of the discussion I'd guess so.

Another question: How does the WSGI integration relate to HTTP-based
servers (like WebDAV and XMLRPC) and how does it relate to
non-HTTP-based servers?


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