Martijn Faassen wrote:

Jim Fulton wrote:

I'm not certain that we're actively supporting either server.

But *in practice* we're supporting the Twisted integration, as that's the only one that people use now, right?

Wrong. Use != support.

> We may not be actually capable
or willing to offer such support, but since everybody uses it, we do support it in practice.

Who do you think is supporting the Twisted server?
I'll tell you that when we released Zope 3.2, *I* had to
do major fixes on it.  I'm not willing to volunteer for that
going forward.

No, we don't. Does Zope 3.3 work with Python 2.4.4?

> Now on to what we would *like* to do...


I'm having second thoughts about the Twisted integration for a number of reasons:

* Twisted people actively dislike eggs. They won't eggify Twisted any time soon.

Yes, but I think they do use distutils source releases, so I think that
shouldn't be a problem.  Do their source releases not work with eggs?

* Twisted async approach doesn't really match Zope's threaded approach.

That isn't necessarily a problem. ZServer is based on an async approach too.
The impression I have, however, maybe incorrect, is that the Twisted community
isn't very interested in supporting applications not written according to the
Twisted Way.  I think that this makes their interest in WSGI, which allows 
to use Twisted without using the twisted APIs, marginal at best.  I hope
I'm not being unfair and that if I'm wrong, that one of the lurkers here from
the Twisted community will correct me.

and your reason:

* Who is maintaining Twisted's WSGI integration?  If that's us, then that

AFAIK, it is us.  I don't know if Twisted has updated their WSGI support.

We had to add input buffering to it and, I think made some other tweaks and 
I'm not sure what the current status is.

I'm not sure anyone in the Zope Community has the appetite for performing
server maintenance.  That is why I was so anxious to move to WSGI.
Unfortunately, I don't think anyone has gotten very involved with WSGI.

I've only played with it. It's pretty neat:

The WSGI stuff is getting *lots* of traction within the Python community right now.

Yes, which is why I want to leverage it.


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