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I'm actually -1 on "getting out of the server business" as well, at
least in terms of the Zope2 ZServer:  I don't see it as requiring much
maintenance, and there *are* folks in the community (I can think of five
or six, at least) who know Medusa / ZServer well enough to go forward.

From looking at the ZServer from Zope 3, I had the impression that it
had significant improvements over the version from Zope 2, in that
it's not so much of a complete rewrite than it's a cleanup/reorg.

The few issues I have with the Zope 2 ZServer could be easily fixed by
someone with a bit of time and Medusa knowledge.

They are mainly due to the fact that handling 'streams' and 'gzip
compression' are done inside the ZServer with some not so nice
workarounds, instead of using the producers that medusa provides which
would simplify ZServer a lot.

The impression I had was that the person that added streaming and gzip
did not know about the medusa producers.

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