Hi Martijn
> > I saw the Grok package but what is Genshi? 
> > Can you point me to a link?
> http://genshi.edgewall.org
> Inspired by Kid (in turn among others inspired by ZPT), the 
> main template language of TurboGears, written by the people 
> who also created Trac, and it seems to be getting traction. 
> TurboGears among others is going to adopt it, but also things 
> like the creator of SQLAlchemy (and
> Myghthy) spending time optimizing it, etc. It's close enough 
> to ZPT to be palatable to me, and has some nice features for reuse.
> If we're going to get out of the server business we could 
> also consider getting out of the template language business. :)

Looks great in a first overview. Let me know if you or somebody else
starts to port it to z3. I'm interessted to using another template
language in z3 too.

Thanks for the hint 

> Regards,
> Martijn

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