Roger Ineichen wrote:
Hi Jim,

It's premature to announce (we plan to have eggs on pypi soon) , but take a look at zif.xtemplate at . It's pretty alpha at the moment, but it uses a DTD and some xpath to get around the "tags that shouldn't be minimized" issue, and it includes a first stab at an HTML sanitizer, to use when snippets of untrusted HTML are to be included on a page. In addition, the entire page DOM is available for postprocessing right up until serialization. Of course, those with better lxml knowledge are encouraged to point out issues with the implementation.

What's up with jsonserver?

Did you move the package to a new repository?
Can you offer a mailinglist for the zif packages? I'm
very interested in observing the state of jsonserver since
we use it most projects.

Can you give a short statement about the zif and jsonserver repo?

Hi, Roger

There has been interest in a namespace for the packages I have been offering. And a public repository. And eggs.

David Pratt and I have been working on this on sourceforge for less than a week, so I was definitely a bit premature in pointng anyone to the SourceForge site. Unfortunately, I just could not help saying something about xtemplate while templating was being discussed here.

So, a short statement about zif and jsonserver:

zif.jsonserver on sourceforge is the same as jsonserver on codespeak, except for a bit of an update for a zif namespace.

There will be some kind of announcement after we are satisfied with an upcoming release. Additional contributors will, of course, be welcome.

Roger, I acknowledge your interest in a mailing list. I think it would be a good idea, though I am a bit hesitant ATM to start YAFML. I think it may be just a matter of throwing a switch on SF, so it is certainly doable.

For the moment, the Zif Collective is all "alpha" and experimental on SourceForge. Nothing released. Nothing to be alarmed about. Nothing decided about other repositories.

-Jim Washington
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