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Fred Drake wrote:
> On 5/3/07, Christian Theune <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I started moving packages to their own projects (manually right now,
>> preparing for doing this scripted) and noticed that zope.index is
>> tracked with a specific revision number.
>> My understanding is that the trunk of the Zope 3 tree should be tracking
>> the trunk of the satellite project's tree without pinning it to a
>> revision.
> Probably my fault; I've become really wary of externals that aren't specific.
> Frankly, I don't *really* care how the Zope 3 tree refers to satellite
> projects.  My hope is that I can very quickly get away from ever
> looking at the Zope 3 conglomeration (checkout or release), and only
> use the satellite projects.
> Conversely, I care very much about the satellite projects not
> referring to the Zope 3 tree, and look forward to what you're working
> on today.

When a truly egg-based Zope3 ships, it should be a meta-egg with
explicitly-versioned dependencies.

Approximating that in tree would be to have the Zope3 tree point at
*tagged releases* of the satellite projects;  revision-stamped versions
are a poor (but acceptable in the near-term) substitute.  Tracking the
trunk of any dependency is not acceptable:  it undoes the reason for
moving the projects out-of-tree in the first place.  If we aren't going
to do release management on the pieces, then for sanity's sake keep them

Plone's own trunk-based bundles are living proof of the hell that is
caused by having svn:externals point at non-frozen dependencies.

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