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Right. In the last days I felt like in the future we should spend some
quality time (maybe face to face at a conference or sprint) to review
what happened to the way people work with Zope and how we define it.

I think "what's happened" is something very simple, inevitable, and
reasonable: We've stopped working on Zope 3 and moved to working on
our applications.

This changes how we think about the place of Zope 3 in our work more
than anything else.  It's no longer a product itself, but a means to
an end.  This is what we intended from the beginning, but the shape we
predicted for the result was more similar to Zope 2 than has turned
out to be useful.  The move to separate "satellite" projects is really
a move from using an all-singing, all-dancing framework for all
applications to using different sets of libraries for each application
based on what's needed for the application.

I think this is a good thing.


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