Hi Fred. I like this very much too :-) If you want your product to sing, you can include sing packages, if you want it to dance, you can include dance packages. What's more, is that most python projects are moving to egg distribution, if not there already. Besides eggs, wsgi is allowing many more things to occur on an app level overall. Overall, these developments create some very interesting and exciting potential to mix and match functionality without the constraints of a particular framework.


Fred Drake wrote:
On 5/4/07, Christian Theune <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Right. In the last days I felt like in the future we should spend some
quality time (maybe face to face at a conference or sprint) to review
what happened to the way people work with Zope and how we define it.

I think "what's happened" is something very simple, inevitable, and
reasonable: We've stopped working on Zope 3 and moved to working on
our applications.

This changes how we think about the place of Zope 3 in our work more
than anything else.  It's no longer a product itself, but a means to
an end.  This is what we intended from the beginning, but the shape we
predicted for the result was more similar to Zope 2 than has turned
out to be useful.  The move to separate "satellite" projects is really
a move from using an all-singing, all-dancing framework for all
applications to using different sets of libraries for each application
based on what's needed for the application.

I think this is a good thing.


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