Am Freitag, den 04.05.2007, 07:55 -0400 schrieb Fred Drake:
> I think "what's happened" is something very simple, inevitable, and
> reasonable: We've stopped working on Zope 3 and moved to working on
> our applications.
> This changes how we think about the place of Zope 3 in our work more
> than anything else.  It's no longer a product itself, but a means to
> an end.  This is what we intended from the beginning, but the shape we
> predicted for the result was more similar to Zope 2 than has turned
> out to be useful.  The move to separate "satellite" projects is really
> a move from using an all-singing, all-dancing framework for all
> applications to using different sets of libraries for each application
> based on what's needed for the application.
> I think this is a good thing.

However, something that changes is the identity of the project to
various people.

I think it gets more challenging to pull on the same rope and in the
same direction under those circumstances.

On the other hand it actually might get easier as we're pulling smaller
ropes. ;)

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