Am Donnerstag, den 03.05.2007, 13:24 -0400 schrieb Fred Drake:
> On 5/3/07, Christian Theune <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> [various statements of agreement]
> > When moving to a release of Zope 3 we should update those externals to
> > specific revisions or tags though. (Tags being preferred IMHO as we only
> > want software of at least the same degree of stability, right?)
> That sounds like Zope 3 maintainers want to make decisions about the
> release cycles of the satellite projects.  That's bad.
> Saying that Zope 3 as a whole is "stable" (whether that's by making a
> release with an X.Y number or anything else) is about the state of the
> Zope 3 tree at that point; part of that is an assertion about anything
> that's included by an external or by a requirement that it's stable as
> used from Zope 3.  It has nothing to do with the release cycle of the
> independent projects, and should not force a numbering change.  It's
> fine if a new tag is generated, but tags in satellite projects that
> aren't for that project's release cycle should include the name of the
> project whose cycle is involved.  For example, if there's no
> zope.index release corresponding to the Zope 3.4b2 release, it's fine
> to create a Zope-3.4b2 tag of the zope.index project.

Trying to rephrase: A Zope 3 tree that is released s stable should only
have external references to other projects that are stable as well.


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