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Fred Drake wrote:
> On 5/23/07, Stephan Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Thinking about it more, it would actually be backward-compatible, since we
>> never released the packages in themselves but always as part of the Zope 3
>> bundle. Also, even the packages that are not hooked in via zope.app.zcmlfiles
>> are added via the automated SETUP.cfg stuff. At least this is the official
>> story right now. :-)
> "Official story" doesn't mean a lot to me these days.  I think of
> individual ZCML files as interface points: someone might reasonably be
> using them directly (unless the filename starts with an underscore).
>> I hope it is avoidable with the above insight.
> Again, if you think there's an official story that involves
> *requiring* people to rely on those nasty slug files, you're deluding
> yourself.  We've always maintained that those are "convenience" (for
> some definition of "wouldn't you like to shoot yourself in the
> foot?").

Hmm, the use case for slugs was to support "application with separately
installed extensions";  Fred, I think your view is prejudiced by the
fact that you don't have any need for pluggability / extensibility.

Stephan is arguing for finer-grained configurations, which is likely to
be better for reuse, at the cost of *reduced* convenience.

>> Really? That would be a pitty, because it would allow us to have one release
>> with the old and the new way, so the first people can migrate.
> Would be a pity, yes, but it'll never happen if we keep changing it.

I don't know what is blocking a 3.4 release.  AFAIK, eggification is on
the roadmap for 3.5, right?  So we should be focused on stabilizing the
"last zpkg build", while still allowing the eggified / broken-out
project model to move forward.

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