On Wednesday 23 May 2007 12:24, Fred Drake wrote:
> "Official story" doesn't mean a lot to me these days.  I think of
> individual ZCML files as interface points: someone might reasonably be
> using them directly (unless the filename starts with an underscore).

But you are describing the internal ZC thinking here, certainly not something 
that has been widely or publically communicated. There are very few people 
out there using eggs. Most download a release, create an instance and drop 
the add-on packages in there, some using SETUP.cfg and others 
creating/copying the slugs by hand. 

> > I hope it is avoidable with the above insight.
> Again, if you think there's an official story that involves
> *requiring* people to rely on those nasty slug files, you're deluding
> yourself.  We've always maintained that those are "convenience" (for
> some definition of "wouldn't you like to shoot yourself in the
> foot?").

But this is how the latest release and trunk works! All of my projects still 
work this way. Nowhere else is a different process documented.

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