On Thursday 27 September 2007 11:06, Jim Fulton wrote:
> What I really want is a buildout for a big Zope 3 application,  
> similar to what we've released in the past.  Then, I will often  
> choose to test a change in something as core as cope.component as a  
> develop egg in that buildout.  I would definitely do that.
> (I don't want a meta egg.)

Okay, so I think we simply have a clash of naming here. I think we both want 
the same. So how would you, technically, organize the ZMI application? I 
would have created an egg, which only has required packages and no code, 
hence I called it a meta egg.

> I'll note that I don't work on "core" components very often so  
> testing against the Zope 3 app wouldn't be something that I would do  
> often, but I'll concede that on those rare occasions that I do,  
> having something like this would be useful.

Right, fully agreed.

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