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> Betreff: Re: AW: [Zope3-dev] Why do we restrict our egg testing?


> Second, why would you include all of the zope.* eggs if that 
> particular package doesn't depend on them?

That's the point which I don't understand that nobody is

Not my egg depends on other packages.
Other package depend on the egg I develop.

And tests are there for ensure that other eggs
will work with my work on a specific egg.

Tests are a setup of tools which can ensure that
my changes are compatible with existing things.

> > Is there a benefit to not depend on all zope.* packages in each egg 
> > test setup if we do a transition to indvidual packages?
> > 
> > I understand the benefit to have smaller dependencies in 
> eggs, but I 
> > still think a egg should run all tests we have in the zope 
> namespace. 
> > Like we did in our old trunk setup.
> > This whould allow us to run all zope.* tests during egg development.
> It sounds like it would build the equivalent of the old-style 
> Zope 3 trunk for each and every zope.* buildout.  That sounds 
> awful.  Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your proposal.

All zope.* tests together are a way to ensure compatibility.
I doesn't make sense to me not participate with all tests
before a single egg get deployed.

Not running all test in a namespace like we have with the 
zope package namspace, sounds to me that a package which 
doesn't like to agree on all tests should get move to 
another namesapce.

Roger Ineichen

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