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> No I excpect some of them, but others excpect others.
> So I'm pretty shure if we count all different setup then
> we can excpect all packages in the summary.

If you think that testing "the whole Zope 3 pile" with the changed egg
is something that would help, I'd suggest that's a job for a buildbot.
 The tests for a specific egg should test the contract for that egg.
This includes a lot of things, including the effects of "public" ZCML

> That's the problem you only solve your problems with
> this pattern. but the zope namspace suggest participation.
> And you can't ensure quality wiht this point of view.

No.  When I find that a change is needed in a package, it's because it
didn't fulfill it's contract.  Changes to the package should include
tests that the contract requires and is met by the changes.  That
helps everyone who depends on the contract of that package.
Everything else is out of scope for that package.


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