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Can anybody tell me why we restrict our test setup
in zope eggs and only use a subset of package for
our test setup?

It isn't practical, during development, to test all of the eggs that might be affected by a change, which is, BTW a *much* larger set than the old Zope 3 tree.

For unit testing of the egg under development, there isn't much point in running other tests. For functional testing, you want to test the package's layer and, for an application a set of components that may be configured quite differently than the Zope tree.

I think there is value in testing some universe in an off-line way using something like buildbot,

Why do we not use a Zope3 meta egg which contains all
our zope packages as a test base. This whould allow
us to test the same we have in the zope3 trunk and let
us run *buildout/test -s zope* from within each egg.

I personally don't see much value in that, especially considering the effort involved.

what is the builbot doing right now? Does the builbot
still runs test on the trunk? Or does the buildbot test
the eggs?

Unfortunately, buildbot is a bit of a pita. :( It seems to be high maintenance. If someone wants buildbots to run, they should help or make it happen. Christian Theune has a buildbot setup that ran tests for all of the projects in the repo. I think this was *very* promising, but I don't know what the current status is.

Is this a bad idea?

Depends on what "this" is. I think running all of the tests in the old Zope 3 tree whenever we change a component is a waste of time.

If "this" is having an automated system for testing a wide collection of packages to check for dependency breakage, then "this" is a great idea, but potentially a lot of work.


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