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Hi. I've been attempting to develop products with Zope 2.9, and am finding
it increasingly difficult and slow to do so as Product refreshing no

Google shows up a few results from mailing lists with somewhat negative
responses (The gist I'm getting is that no-one 'in the know' wants to
about fixing it, as they don't see a real need for it).

Refreshing was always a hack and never something I would call a feature.
It was always a hack for *development* purposes but not for production.

However, as a zope restart seems to take a good 5-10 seconds on my high
workstation (AthlonX2 4800+) with all the essentiall products installed
(Plone, archetypes etc, plus my application), it's starting to become a
major problem.

You might blame Plone for shipping for three tons of frameworks?

as an example, I spent about three hours today debugging a problem, 90% of
which was wasted waiting for zope restarts after making small changes and
adding trace print statements. If I was able to refresh the product I
likely have taken less than half an hour.

I understand and fully agree with you but things are as they are. Even worser....Refresh does not work Five...

Another major issue I've discovered is Zope hosting. We reguarly deploy
custom sites on shared zope environments, and having to restart an entire
server just to update one product severely breaks our uptime guarentee.

Refresh only works in debug-mode. You want to tell us that you are running a production site in debug-mode?

I'm afraid we are going to have no choice but to either drop back to Zope
2.8, or ditch Zope entirely- something I'd prefer not to have to do with
large codebase.

I'm hoping I can garner some support to get the zope developers to fix the
problem. Failing that, ANY information pointing me in the right direction
would be helpful, as I'm more than happy to fix it myself and submit a

Dieter Maurer wrote a RefreshTool product lately (not sure if this would solve your problem and not sure if he released it).

I doubt that the Refresh situation will change in the near future.


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