Andreas Jung wrote at 2006-8-7 13:56 +0200:
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>Refreshing was always a hack and never something I would call a feature.
>It was always a hack for *development* purposes but not for production.

We are speaking about development, not about production.

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>Refresh does not work Five...

Do you understand why?

In my view, refreshing should work with Five.

For this to work, we almost sure need to tell Five that the product
was refreshed such that Five can reprocess the "*.zcml" files for the

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>> Another major issue I've discovered is Zope hosting. We reguarly deploy
>> custom sites on shared zope environments, and having to restart an entire
>> server just to update one product severely breaks our uptime guarentee.
>Refresh only works in debug-mode. You want to tell us that you are running 
>a production site in debug-mode?

I think you err, Andreas.

Refresh always works, at least the explicit refresh (do not know
about the automatic one which I have never used).

> ...
>> I'm hoping I can garner some support to get the zope developers to fix the
>> problem.

I am a great fan of refresh and would try to get it fixed if we
had a need for it.

But, we decided recently, to stick with Zope 2.8.1 until Zope 2.11 is
released. This means, it may take some time that I need to get active...

Nevertheless, it may come sooner as some external developpers are
a fan of Five and want to install a newer version. As we all
expect Five to be the reason that refresh no longer works, this might
force me to look into this problem earlier than I currently think.

> ...
>Dieter Maurer wrote a RefreshTool product lately (not sure if this would 
>solve your problem and not sure if he released it).

The refresh tool is employer's work and therefore not released.

Furthermore, it solves a problem with dependent product refreshs
but I am not sure whether it will solve the Five problem -- maybe,
if it would be sufficient to refresh Five as well.

@James: you may try this: refresh your product, then refresh Five.
If this succeeds, then a technique similar to the RefreshTool may be

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