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Roché Compaan says the following:

"For an application like Plone an insertion rate of 250 objects per
second results in terrible performance if you consider that storing a
single document instance leads to close to 120 objects being inserted
in a single transaction. And this explains why you can hardly insert
more than 2 or 3 documents per second if you are uploading them into a
Plone site."

Why does storing a single document lead to close to 120 objects being
inserted? Is it something related to plone or is this the case for all
ZPT storing? Is it similarly true for the storing of DTML documents?
And how can I reduce the number of inserts in my non-plone mostly DTML


On 2/7/08, Jaroslav Lukesh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> JAvascript nor CSS cannot be dynamically generated from ZPT. ZPT is thing
> for HTML and XML only. But with DTML you able to generate any binary data,
> same as with python script or external method.
> Please read archives few months back, here are many discussions about DTML
> vs. ZPT.
> In shorthand - ZPT is academic and Zope core developers language due some
> ideas about extralarge projects like CNN which are sublimed in normal
> praxis.
> DTML is faster to learn, faster to run, in shorthand is better than ZPT.
> FOr speed recignition, here are this mix of 1:4:10 from time of Zope 2.5.1:
> products or ext. methods are the fastest. DTML is 4-times slower and ZPT is
> 10 times slower. Python script are slightly slower than products.
> It is in general of course, real situations may vary.
> JL.
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> From: "Tim Nash" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > >From what I have read online, the things that slow zope down are
> > primarily the numerous security checks and the large number of objects
> > that need to be written to the zodb when you save a document. Is there
> > a way we can manage these bottlenecks? Has anyone rated the
> > performance of say DTML vs ZPT? For a developer like myself, I derive
> > no benefits from zpt because the majority of my design elements are in
> > javascript and css. So I will continue to use dtml unless zpt actually
> > has better performance. Have performance/scalability studies been done
> > for any of the popular zope products? I'd like to reduce the number of
> > objects saved to the zodb if I knew how.
> >
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