> It means "known bug" for things that are in the trunk.  If it's on a branch
> (as this is), then either (1) it will be fixed before it's merged into the
> trunk (at which point the EXPECTED_FAILURE will have to be removed since it
> will no longer be failing -- which begs my question of, "Why put it in in the
> first place?") or (2) the test will be deemed invalid and removed.

Paul, IMO:
- adding some bugs on Launchpad
- adding tests that fail and marking them as KNOWN_ISSUE (a.k.a. 
was far better than adding a comment in your merge proposal.

Keep in mind that I have spent my time in order to give you a hand in pointing 
out the issues I found.

Adding separate bugs allows us to:
- discussed the raised issues separately
- make commits to fix them separately into the branch

And to prove my point: you already wrote 2 comments *without* even looking over 
*any* of the issues I have raised.

Anyway, I already committed a fix in the branch for bug lp:920724.
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