> Actually, a few code problems:
> 1. ConnectionMap::destroy() invokes a function in the
> http://28msec.io/modules/cloudant namespace. I think that should be in
> http://zorba.io/modules/cloudant, right?

This is commented out :) I tried doing it in XQuery but I didn't manage so I 
left the code commented to get a feedback if the code was just wrong or using 
the static context to call a XQuery function when the connectionmap is 
destroyed is just impossible.
> 2. The files in cloudant.xq.src have 28msec copyright notices.

Thanks. I didn't update them all apparently.

> 3. I think the changes in modules/CMakeLists.txt are wrong; why are you
> eliminating the http-client subdirectory, for instance? Also, the search for
> CURL needs to only be once; will you remove the FIND_PACKAGE(CURL) from the
> http-client subdirectory, once those modules are all merged?

Since in its current state this module depends on CURL i made a single search 
for the 
CURL library and moved both the ADD_DIRECTORY(http-client) and ADD..(cloudant) 
the same check. The http client cmakelist doesn't do the search again.
At least this was my intention, I asked Matthias offline if this make sense.
However, since I am not sure of the autodisconnect approach anymore this change 
may need to 
be reverted.

I asked Matthias via mail if that mak
To make a single FIND_PACKAGE(CURL) 
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