There isn't really a fixed process for that since it happens so rarely. Here's 
what I'd suggest:

1. Create the module as a stand-alone directory, so that it works when located 
in the zorba_modules directory as part of a Zorba build.

2. Push that module to Launchpad as lp:~zorba-coders/zorba/cloudant-module .

3. I will create a Launchpad series for that branch, so it has the standard 
"lp:zorba/cloudant-module" name.

4. Propose a change to the Zorba trunk that adds lp:zorba/cloudant-module to 
modules/ExternalModules.conf .

5. People can place code reviews for the module on that merge proposal.

Once that's merged, in future it should be possible propose subsequent changes 
to the Cloudant module as merge proposals directly to lp:zorba/cloudant-module, 
as normal. It's just the "bootstrapping" procedure that needs be a bit manual.
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