Matt McNeill wrote:
I know this project has been working incredibly hard to bring this product
to Beta, and although I am a lurker, I do follow progress very closely.
As do a very wide variety of people I believe :)

library could become critical to opening out the development possibilities
behind outlook and alowing the synchronisation of data widely across many

This is true. Being open source certainly helps with integration into other projects/libraries.

Imagine being able to see your Nokia phone as an outlook provider rather
than having to install the nokia sync software, for instance.

However, not wanting to get ahead of the curve what I am interested in is
being able to synchronise/view my personal diary in outlook, very much what
is being suggested by CalDAV interface.
What software are you using for your diary? Outlook lets you keep a Journal. Not sure if that does what you want. Does your diary support xml output?

 The only probem is, apart from
apache, there aren't many web servers which support webdav. I run an embeded
linux server and apache is too heavy. I've tried some PHP webdav libraries
but to no effect it all seems very immature and undeveloped since it was

What do you mean by an embedded linux server? Could you provide more details?

So I'm wondering whether, once this beta is running, you would consider
annother interface to a popular (7th most popular project on SF) web
calendaring application. This would bring a good user-base of people who
want to self-host their calendars...

Any thoughts?

Well Webcalander would need to support caldav. Or more likely need to be coupled with a caldav server. Perhaps you could contact the cosmo people and ask about alternative web interfaces to cosmo. The current web interface is called Scooby I believe.

Having an interface for every piece of software out there defeats the purpose of a standard :)


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