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Matt McNeill wrote:
being able to synchronise/view my personal diary in outlook, very much what
is being suggested by CalDAV interface. The only probem is, apart from
apache, there aren't many web servers which support webdav. I run an embeded
linux server and apache is too heavy. I've tried some PHP webdav libraries
but to no effect it all seems very immature and undeveloped since it was

The best bet will be a CalDAV server.  We have
3 open source servers that are being developed
[ http://ietf.webdav.org/caldav/homepage/projects.html ]
and more should follow along the way when the
CalDAV specification is completed.

So I'm wondering whether, once this beta is running, you would consider
annother interface to a popular (7th most popular project on SF) web
calendaring application. This would bring a good user-base of people who
want to self-host their calendars...

I would like to say sure, but unfortunately
limited resource will not allow this.  The main
trainport, CalDAV will still need a lot of work
after the beta and probably a long will after
that.  Even had to scrapped plans for a native
Kolab connector.  We need more developers.

WebCalendar does look like a very polished
product though.  I hope someone will write a
simple, efficient, cross-platform CalDAV server

Think once CalDAV settles down, it is going to
be up to the calendar servers to support that
protocol, and not the client's job to support
individual server protocols.  But it would be
appreciated if people wrote custom backends for
Open Connector for their favorite calendar

Best Regards,

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