It's great hearing everyone's opinion on the
proposed calendar access protocols.

I think Helge is pretty much correct on the
state of the technology.  CalDAV will most
likely be completed within months, maybe a
lot sooner.  We are already communicating with
servers in test since the past few drafts
with minimal changes between drafts.  Also
most commercial offerings are WebDAV based,
and that seems to be the direction in which
things will continue.  Servers which do not
support WebDAV will probably lose share to
those who do, so I expect the more popular
servers to include, at least WebDAV support
in the future.

Matt McNeill wrote:
If CalDAV is so far away from being an agreed standard, perhaps several
years away, shouldn't we be considering an interim interface to the most
popular 2 or 3 web-calendar applications? Just in order to make this great

I appreciate your point of view but my main
issue with this statement is that you are not
taking into consideration the resources needed
to develop those interfaces.  We could
_consider_ interim interfaces, but then what?
:)  Someone will have to design/develop/test
those interfaces.

Probably several hundred man-hours per interface
depending on the protocol's complexity.

If we haven't been able to get 1 protocol out
the door, would it be reasonable to consider 2
or 3 more?

I know and agree that from a standards poit of view what you are doing in
this development is the right thing, but from a user point of view and a
take-up point of view it might be worth considering an interim tack.

As mentioned earlier, considering a direction
is the easy part.  Actually getting something
done is a whole different story.  Which brings
me to my point.  That unfortunately, the whole
argument is moot because we do not have the

Keep up the great work,

Thanks for your support.  We'll try.

Best Regards,

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