Part of "SDN" (vomit.. I can't believe I just used that acronym), is
knowing what the options are first.

1 For that you need BGP.

2 Then you need some way of performance testing multiple paths from various

Then you need to use information from 1 & 2 to programmatically select
$bestPath based on $criteria.

Certain ISPs, Enterprises, and vendors are already doing things like this.

On Sep 19, 2016 7:32 PM, "Seth Mattinen" <> wrote:

> On 9/19/16 17:21, Ken Hohhof wrote:
>> So much for the people who believe taking full BGP routes will
>> automatically choose the best routes.  (Why does "best routes" sound like
>> something Trump would say?)
> Latency or loss isn't part of the best path selection algorithm, so anyone
> who expects that isn't fully clued in to BGP.
> Now, I certainly wouldn't want anything less than full routes because it
> limits my options if I happen need to exercise such options.
> ~Seth

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