I know someone using Border 6 and they're loving it, but inbound route 
optimizations are crude\limited. 

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Part of "SDN" (vomit.. I can't believe I just used that acronym), is knowing 
what the options are first. 
1 For that you need BGP. 
2 Then you need some way of performance testing multiple paths from various 
Then you need to use information from 1 & 2 to programmatically select 
$bestPath based on $criteria. 
Certain ISPs, Enterprises, and vendors are already doing things like this. 

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On 9/19/16 17:21, Ken Hohhof wrote: 

So much for the people who believe taking full BGP routes will automatically 
choose the best routes. (Why does "best routes" sound like something Trump 
would say?) 

Latency or loss isn't part of the best path selection algorithm, so anyone who 
expects that isn't fully clued in to BGP. 

Now, I certainly wouldn't want anything less than full routes because it limits 
my options if I happen need to exercise such options. 



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