Not required, but typically going along with full routes is access to BGP 
communities. You could fine-tune both what you advertise, what you accept and 
what your upstreams pass along. You don't have to drop the peer entirely if a 
subset of routes is working properly. 

Mike Hammett 
Intelligent Computing Solutions 

Midwest Internet Exchange 

The Brothers WISP 

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So much for the people who believe taking full BGP routes will automatically 
choose the best routes. (Why does "best routes" sound like something Trump 
would say?) 

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On 9/19/16 13:48, Robert Andrews wrote: 
> Anybody hear what's going on with Cogent..?? Lots' of packet loss on 
> all their cross connects. I am hearing a lot of people having 
> problems with financial transactions ( IP CC readers ) failing and 
> connectivity 
> to Citrix and such failing.. IS this the new world order? 

They're fubar for the last 3 days for different reasons. Today it's a 
(another?) fiber cut in LA. Had to pull routes away from Charter to get traffic 
away from Cogent. 


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