On 2007.09.02, Dani?l Mantione <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The bureaucracy of contributing needs to be reduced.

As of late, anyone who has asked for CVS commit access has been given
it.  There are some 50-odd people who have CVS commit access.

> I agree a package like Trac can help by providing Wikis and forums. I'd 
> prefer OpenACS over Trac (replacing OpenACS by Sourceforge has IMO been 
> the worst decision in AOLserver history), but it's a good thing that 
> something happens here, the tool is of less importance. So, let's do this. 
> If you need help, or want me to install/maintain such a package, please 
> say so, as I'm willing to contribute.

Great!  I'm saying "so"--contribute what you can.  Let us know how to
access it when it's ready.

> Simply installing a package won't do though, it has to be part of a 
> strategy to make the community more active, make it easier to contribute. 

As you point out: regardless of whether it's OpenACS, Trac or even
SourceForge being used to manage these artefacts, it really doesn't
matter.  What matters is that stuff gets done--and that just isn't

> I suggest:
>  * A low bureacracy way to contribute patches is built, perhaps using Trac 
>    or OpenACS
>  * Active AOLserver users get SVN access and can peer review and apply 
>    patches.
>  * Getting SVN access shouldn't be difficult.

The lowest-bureacracy way is for folks to email me their SourceForge
username and I grant them CVS commit access.  Then, they commit their
changes.  It doesn't get any lower than that, does it?

I have never refused anyone CVS access who has requested it, to date.  I
have never revoked, nor have ever been asked to revoke, anyone's access.
I did, a while back, ask folks who were inactive to elect to have their
access removed if they knew they would never again use their access (as
they no longer do anything AOLserver-related) but I never actually did
remove their access.

-- Dossy

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