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> I would like to see a patch release for Xerces-C (XML Parser).
> The current version of Xerces is 3.1.1.
> I propose a patch relase of Xerces-C as 3.1.2.

A bugfix release (e.g., 3.1.2) would normally be released to fix
something, not to add new features. So I think we should aim for
3.2.0 (from trunk).

> Tasks:
> *  Update the "version.incl" file
> *  Merge the trunk to the 3.1 branch
> *  Perform quality assurance testing on the 3.1 branch
> *  Update the Xerces-C website documents
> *  Package the distributions
> *  Submit the distribution artifacts to the mirrors
> *  Announce a patch release

I wish it were that easy ;-). A (possibly incomplete) list of release
tasks can be found here:


The major ones are:

- Test on all the platforms/C++ compilers that we claim to support
- Build binaries for all the platforms/C++ compilers that we claim to support
- Update (brain-dead) Xerces-C++ website management system

I also remember last time I did a release, Apache infra people told
me that it was the last time we were able to publish our binaries
(I think it were the binaries) that way and we would have to change
to the "new way" with the next release. Not sure what that would

Overall, Xerces-C++ release is quite a tedious and often frustrating
process, not something you would want to do often (which is also the
reason why you would try to get it right the first time).

> I can offer some assistance at getting the Xerces-C patch release
> ready for distribution.

I was hoping to find time and make a release around June or July.
It would also be a good idea to spend some time and try to fix some
new bugs that have been uncovered since the 3.1.0 release. Not sure
if you would like to wait or if you want to press ahead. But your
help would be greatly appreciated.


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