On 04/11/2013 12:59 PM, shath...@e-z.net wrote:
>> On 4/11/13 12:35 PM, "shath...@e-z.net" <shath...@e-z.net> wrote:
>> I don't do Debian, but those packages exist, and that is the manner in
>> which Debian users want and need to get the software. Binaries just don't
>> fly.
> I can check with Debian and Ubuntu integration teams to see what
> support there is to create (.deb) packages for their distributions.

I'm the maintainer for Xerces-c in debian, and I lightly follow this
list.  If announcement of a release candidate were made, I could at
least test the debian packages and at most upload the version to debian
experimental where adventurous types could test.  Once debian comes out
of freeze for the upcoming Wheezy release and the next Xerces-c version
is released (whichever comes last), I would upload the new xerces-c
version to debian unstable.  From there, it would migrate over to Ubuntu
automatically.  Other paths are possible but usually not necessary.


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