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>I can check with Debian and Ubuntu integration teams to see what
>support there is to create (.deb) packages for their distributions.

I can't speak for Ubuntu, but there are official shibboleth packages for
Debian (that I don't maintain) and that includes Xerces, if it wasn't
already packaged. So I may know the maintainer, and the point is that you
don't do it twice. Somebody owns that responsibility and you/we/somebody
can share that or assist.

>Solaris-11 has also changed the way that software distribution
>packages are managed.  I may still be able to test on Solaris-11
>on X64 platforms, but I first need to get comfortable with the

Yes, Solaris packages are historically awful and there are a dozen
different packaging projects that are all different. Whether Oracle is
changing that and using something new that actually works I couldn't say,
but nothing that existed in Solaris alone was usable before or worth
wasting the time on.

-- Scott

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