Quoting John Goerzen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Austin Acton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Well preliminary questions are:
> >
> > 1.  Is there any hope of MandrakeSoft adopting a plan like this?
> > 2.  If so, will they administer it?  In other words, do THEY want to
> > reorganize into a more community-based distro, or do they want US to
> > form our own community and then reject it if they don't like it?
> If the code in Mandrake is GPL'd, then isn't their official blessing
> irrelevant?  If it's not GPL'd or under another Free license, then that
> is something that's going to have to be dealt with before any
> community project based on it.

well main should be all gpl, but I think some code may not be. ( I doubt that there is
any non gpl code in main )
isn't non gpl in plf, where there are licensing issues ectetera?

my biggest complaint with debian is the way it is moving away from the iso model of
distribution, while 7 iso's may be a bit much to download it all, the archive/snapshot
of code on cdrom is always handy. ( I still have mandrake helios on cd )

creating a community for mandrake cannot be done without active support fron
mandrakesoft staff, or it isn't mandrake, it's based on mandrake. the silence from
mandrake employees is deafening. ;) and without thier active support fatal to a
mandrake community based distro model.

a community may have layers for responsability, but those layers are permeable, or it
doesn't work.  while the club is a small step in the direction needed for a community
based distro, a community has to be free to be part of, not only  for those that can
afford / choose to pay for membership.
( 3d graphics communities have several sites, only 2 not really appropriate for all
ages, and yet there are only 2 small sites where you pay to be a member, the large
sites are free membership.
 www.renderosity.com  100 thousand members.
 www.renderotica.com  50 thousand plus members [ adult oriented graphics ]
 www.3-darena.com     not sure, paid membership site.
 www.poserpros.com     5 thousand members, for a fairly new ( less than a year old )
site. just to list a few of the dozens of sites.)

dozens of linux distros available, the ones that are the most popular have free
membership in the community.

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