Le Vendredi 7 Février 2003 01:16, Austin Acton a écrit :
> 1.  Is there any hope of MandrakeSoft adopting a plan like this?

Since the beginning of the thread was Warly's post, I hope MandrakeSoft will 
adopt this plan. After all, nobody talk about this after Ben Reser's post on 
Slashdot ( http://slashdot.org/articles/03/01/18/2219215.shtml?tid=99 ), but, 
now we have the idea from a mandrake employee, we see it as possible.

>  I
> hope nobody sees it as a bunch of renegade wanna-be programmers trying
> to steal the distro.

If we wanted to steal the distribution, we could simply fork, in the same way 
they did for RH....
So , I hope they see we want to help them.


Mickaël Scherer

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