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becomes daring and writes:

> On Friday 14 February 2003 01:24 pm, Guillaume Cottenceau wrote:
>> Jean-Michel Dault <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> > Each group could have a separate mailing list. This way, I wouldn't have
>> > 30,000 e-mails in one folder. It would be much easier to find stuff we
>> > have to handle (in my case apache/php) from stuff I don't really care
>> > about (I don't use gnome, except to test during the beta/rc release).
>> Why don't you use filters and scoring? With that, I don't have
>> trouble handling my bugs and the bugs on stuff I work on, or
>> related to my work. And bugzilla by email is very fast and
>> efficient. I don't have any problem coming from the slowness of
>> the web interface of bugzilla, nor the obligation to use a web
>> client.
>> There's even a chapter on Scoring on my gnus helper:
> Ah now it is all clear. You are the reason emacs is still in the
> distro.  

  And you better be thankful for it! :P

  Vox, another proud gnus user

Think of the Linux community as a niche economy isolated by its beliefs.  Kind
of like the Amish, except that our religion requires us to use _higher_
technology than everyone else.       -- Donald B. Marti Jr.

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