On 28 Mar 2003 at 1:57, Sarad AV wrote:

> hi,
> All this happening on the worlds greatest demcoracy. may be
> you read this news.
> http://news.yahoo.com/fc?tmpl=fc&cid=34&in=tech&cat=hackers_a
> nd_cracke rs
> Unofficial reports are that 500 iraqi's died 2 days ago and
> day  before yesterday another 1000 died.

Al Jazeera, like CNN and Fox News, reports that civilians are
pretty much ignoring the bombing and shelling -- they wish to
enter Bara as usual despite the fact it is declared a military
target -- they stroll onto battlefields to collect the
artillery casing boxes.

This indicates that the US, as claimed is, taking extraordinary
measures to avoid civilian casualties, and is having
considerable success in avoiding civilian casualties.

         James A. Donald

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