On Sat, 29 Mar 2003, Sarad AV wrote:

> The images shown at the begining of the war showing
> iraqi soldiers surrending and walking up with their
> hands behind their head might have cost US dear again.
> Iraqi tv then showed a iraqi general with a large
> rifle in his hand saying to iraqi tv-what do you think
> when I have this (rifle) in my  hand,i wont die
> without killing two of them.

So why is the US complaining about their troops on the air?

> After the war started  around 30000 civilians have
> joined the war as small unorganised groups.

On invasion of your homeland is different than pushing you out of someone
else's home.  I don't think the US figured that one out.

> If the war drags to mid april the US troops wont stand
> the intense heat,i mean its going to hard for them.

They are tough.  But if the Iraqi's are saving their bug spray for summer,
then the US troops won't be moving too fast for sure.

> > properly.  (There's also world opinion, which we
> > care about a lot more than
> > Iraq does.)
> I wont beleive that any more-the US doesn't listen any
> more to the world,its gone blind and deaf.

I totally agree.  The US has lost everything in terms of world opinion.
We are morons led by an insane lunatic and the US needs to be dealt with
accordingly.  Once we start invading Syria, the world will retaliate in a
big way.  We're already building excuses to do so, so I won't be supprised
if the US "accidentally" bombs a few targets inside Syria.

> Suspected al-queda/taliban prisoners were put in 6*8
> meter cages in the open sun and badly beaten up-I
> remember seeing that on tv.They weren't given pow
> status either.May be they didn't look like humans :)

Which is how the rest of the world will treat US POW's from now on too.
I bet the weekend warriors weren't betting on that!

> hopefully they are treated well as its no fault of
> theirs that they are dragged into this war with iraq.

You gotta use pawns when you have them.  The US is streatched really thin
now.  A major attack on it's "interests" in South America would prove
difficult to defend.  Same with Korea and Taiwan.  The nut cases in
Washington are very capable of doing something really stupid and I don't
think they appreciate how much military power can be brought to bear
against them.  If it stays in Iraq, the US has a chance.  If they decide
to make it bigger, the US will be toast.

C'est la vie, n'est pas?

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

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