At 12:43 PM 3/29/2003 -0800, Mike Rosing wrote:
I totally agree.  The US has lost everything in terms of world opinion.
We are morons led by an insane lunatic and the US needs to be dealt with
accordingly.  Once we start invading Syria, the world will retaliate in a
big way.  We're already building excuses to do so, so I won't be supprised
if the US "accidentally" bombs a few targets inside Syria.

Washington are very capable of doing something really stupid and I don't
think they appreciate how much military power can be brought to bear
against them.  If it stays in Iraq, the US has a chance.  If they decide
to make it bigger, the US will be toast.

So when the rest of the world retaliates with all their military power that the US fails to appreciate, what strategic war plan does the rest of the world have for handling a couple thousand nukes? Just trying to figure their options?


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