Well it is more than obvious that the US troops are
avoiding civilians-the reason is different though.
The iraqi republican troops are not fighting in
uniform-ther are fighting in kutra-traditional muslim
dress.You don't know who is a civilain and who is an
iraqi army personal-the US army is trying to reach
baghdad with out getting into trouble.They have had
enough.Being in  a desert storm for one night is
enough to keep one in bed for a week.The US army is
already suffering from fatigue,the troops called on
for air support to hit an iraqi  armoured vehicle but
turned out to be bushes and desert shrubs.
The US troops were fighting each other-when iraqi
guerilla's fired on both sides and the US troops ended
up shooting each other.
The US soldiers are finding to figure out who are US
soldiers themselves at first glance-US army dresses
were found in Nadarayiah and today one suicide bomber
blew up 5 US soldiers.
They claim that this war is not what they saw in their
war game.

Any way one thing is clear-superior missile,aircraft
or other electronic substitutes cannot win a war.The
US would need more ground troops in iraq and US is
always one step back in putting ground troops fearing
casualities.So may be if a country has 500,000
soldiers even US might not win a war against them.

Regards Sarath.

--- "James A. Donald" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>     --
> On 28 Mar 2003 at 1:57, Sarad AV wrote:
yesterday another 1000 died.

> civilians are  pretty much ignoring the bombing and
shelling  they wish to  enter Bara as usual despite
the fact it is declared  a military > target -- they
stroll onto battlefields to collect  the artillery
casing boxes.
> This indicates that the US, as claimed is, taking
> extraordinary
> measures to avoid civilian casualties, and is having
> considerable success in avoiding civilian
> casualties.

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